Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mr Mog ( Miserable Old Git )

After a year or so of watching and commenting on certain blogs, I have finally taken the plunge and have started my own one. Why? I had never really discovered blogs until a conversation in my local pub. A chap I knew simply as Phillip, told me he had his own blog. At the time Phillip and I were acquaintances who drank at the same time in the same pub. Phillip was usually reading a book, whilst I would be at the bar reading the paper. We spoke and were friendly, but not really friends if you see what I mean. However, typing in his blog address on my laptop at home opened up a new world to me. His words made me laugh. His profile told me stuff about him which I would never have asked. He linked me to other blogs. I was amazed. All these people from all over the world sharing their thoughts and stories. I was hooked. Then I discovered I could comment on these posts. The thrill I felt on seeing my comments published was great. Phillip and I then began actually talking in real life. His posts continued to amuse and fascinate me, whilst my comments seemed to please him. We became friends. You here so much these days about technology killing communication, no one writing letters or phoning for a chat. Well here was an example of it working in opposite. The things Phillip and I learnt about each other via the blog were things that blokes in pubs don’t talk about. Not only us, but the other members of the early doors drinking club were drawn in. I don’t think any of them became dedicated followers of Phillip like myself, but the conversations our blog related discussions threw up expanded to include everyone. To say it was a catalyst may be a bit strong. But the blog had changed things. I had gained a friend for one thing.

The other thing my blog discovery provided was an insight into the lives of ordinary people. I have always loved autobiographies. But how many do you see of normal people? I always felt every person’s life must be interesting. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, there has to have been challenges. There has to have been amusing situations. There has to be joy, sadness, discovery, boredom. Each life is full of these and much more. Surely, if everyone wrote an autobiography it would fascinate if nothing else. Maybe it’s more simple than that. Am I just nosey? I think my life story would make quite a read. Hopefully I can bring some of this to you in my blog.

Now for the title-Mr Mog  (Miserable Old Git). My wife calls me Mog when I am having one of my frequent moans about whatever is annoying me. To be fair, I'm not always miserable, i'm only old if you are under 20 and I like to think I'm not that much of a git. But, I do moan. A lot. I don't have a naturally smiley face. Not many things make me laugh out loud. I tend to mumble. I enjoy my own company. So, outwardly, I can see why people don't see me as a bringer of sunshine. In fact another nickname I have is Happy Harry. However, inside, I like to think I'm not a bad person. I do love a good moan though. Maybe I can share some on the blog. It could be like therapy.

Well, I hope this first attempt is well received.

By the way, my friend Phillip is