Saturday, 11 December 2010


I'm feeling flat. Really flat. It's a strange feeling. Can't be bothered with anything. Little things are annoying me. Why? I think I may be connected somehow to the snow. As the snow is slowly releasing it's grip on the landscape, disappearing to nothing, so my energy and well being seems to be following. Maybe it's a reaction to the last couple of weeks. The constant struggle to get to work to perform my seemingly pointless role in the big world. The worry of loved ones struggling too to carry on. Having to plan each journey instead of just leaving the house. Keeping warm, keeping upright. All a bloody struggle.
But hold on, it's only snowed and that's not unheard of at this time of year. Ok, 19 inches is more snow than I've seen since childhood (when the Summers were all long and hot too) but it's hardly show stopping is it? Well it is apparently. Everything stops. Normality is suspended. The TV news shows endless snow stories. Companies are criticised for not coping. People buy 6 months worth of bread and milk if they make it to a shop. Petrol stations run dry. For whatsit's sake - it's not Armageddon. It's snow. I used to love it, the freshness, the beauty. Do kids still love it? I must be getting old. My mood has ebbed and flowed, and now I am flat. Tired.
It's not the snow, it's the way we react to it. That's what has drained me. Wish we could all just embrace the different world this weather brings. Don't struggle against it, go with it. Look for the pros, not the cons.
Suppose I should practice what I preach.